Custom Labeled Bags

Custom coffee bag labels are available in assorted sizes, quantities, and designs for all occasions, corporate and personal.  We can incorporate your photos, text, and design, or help you to develop these items.

  • Sizes – 1 pound or ½ pound bags
  • Coffees can be whole bean or ground
  • Costs – Cost of the coffee (typically $10 to $15 per pound) + $12 layout charge + $1 per bag label charge
  • Volume discount pricing is available
  • Design work – basic design work is included. Additional or extremely dangerous design work may require an additional charge
  • Turnaround time – based on size, but many can be done in 48 to 72 hours

Buckaroo Brew   Capital Blend   Caffeine Casey

Contact us at 1-888-449-Java (5282) or to arrange an order.

N'awnlins blend   Sumatran Italian Roast   Mellow Manatee Blend


Our founding fathers fought to free us from the tyranny of tea.  Important and revolutionary ideas were discussed and debated in the coffeehouses of New England.  Heck, the Declaration of Independence was written by a committee pulling an all-nighter with a heavy caffeine buzz.  Ideas simply can’t be generated by an unstimulated mind.  And just like those dead white guys, you can’t be expected to attend, much less participate in, a business meeting at 8:00 a.m. without a little something to help you along.  We understand.  So we'll bring the caffeine to you.

Available in the Cincinnati area only (sorry everyone else), Lookout Joe can provide coffee, tea, muffins, Danish, bagels, and other sundry necessities to help kickstart your morning meeting or jumpstart that mid-afternoon conference.  We can accommodate anything from a few dozen to a few hundred people with a variety of server sizes available for pickup from our retail stores or delivery. 

To discuss details pricing for catering or to place an order, please contact us at
1-888-449-JAVA (5282) or

Home Roasting:

coffee makerSo, you love coffee and you’re thinking about jumping into the world of home roasting: the excitement of creating your own blends, the thrill of watching the beans slowly turn from green to brown, the questions from your family members as to why the kitchen smells vaguely of burning wood! Have we got an option for you. Since Lookout Joe roasts all of our own beans in-house, we have lots of green beans sitting around waiting to be roasted, and we’d be happy to ship them to you so you can do all the work and take all the credit. We also have the iRoast 2 home roaster available to get you started. It’s a simple, yet flexible way to roast coffee in your own humble abode whenever and however you want. Along with taking orders, we’re always happy to answer questions (such as, “Am I crazy to want to do this?”) about home roasting and the ins and outs of various coffees, blends, roast levels, and assorted puzzlers. To begin your home roasting experience, just head on over to our Buy Stuff section and let your coffee passion lead you.